Volunteer News.

Arcas, Hawaii, Santa Rosa, Guatemala.


A few weeks ago, volunteers from “Arcas” Guatemala together with “Arcas” staff and a resource guard performed a mangrove reforestation.

ARCAS is a non-profit, non-governmental Guatemalan organization. Founded in 1989 by a group of Guatemalan citizens, concerned about environmental deterioration, especially its wildlife, which they watched disappear quickly in front of their eyes.


It was originally created for a very specific and urgent purpose: the construction of a rescue center to care and rehabilitate wild animals confiscated in the black market by the Guatemalan government. Since its establishment, the ARCAS Rescue Center has grown to become one of the largest and most complex Rescue Centers in the world. Receiving between 300 and 600 animals of more than 40 different species per year.


ARCAS and the wild animals they protect, receive the support of more than 500 volunteers per year in its Rescue Center located in Petén, in its Mangrove and Marine Turtles Conservation Program and the Environmental Education Center “Senderos de Alux”, near Guatemala City.


Volunteers support with their technical knowledge and they contribute to a self-reliance economic conservation effort of ARCAS. At the same time, volunteers will get benefit with an invaluable experience, working with wild animals and learning for the Guatemalan culture.