The Pacaya volcano



The Pacaya volcano

The Pacaya volcano, EscuintlaLots to see in Guatemala and adventures abound throughout the country, where the landscapes are always amazing and culture continues to delight. Of all these options, why you should include the Pacaya Volcano in your travel plans? Perhaps the Pacaya volcano appears to be just one of a myriad of tourist attractions. But, have you had the experience of climbing an active volcano to the crater to see inside or sometime in your life you have seen up to 10 volcanoes at the same time? Read a little more and find out there are many reasons to motivate your visit.

The Pacaya volcano, south of Guatemala City, is one of the most active volcanoes in all of Central America and easily accessible, to the extent you approach the lava flows almost touching it with the hands. For over 50 years, the volcano has remained moderate eruptive phase that has produced frequent and impressive eruptions averaging an eruption every year and signs of activity every day of the week. When the volcano is quiet, the way for the Active Crater Mackenney is an easy walk of only two hours of ascent, leaving the Main Trail Visitor Center in the village of San Francisco de Sales in their second or trail within the Tourist Circuit : La Corona trail that leads you to the Cerro Chino and the breathtaking view of Crater Mackenney colossus, named in honor of Dr. Alfredo Mackenney, who has dedicated his life to the study of Pacaya Volcano and scaling it more than 1,500 times. If you want, you can do a two-way in only four hours, arriving at the Visitor Center in the village of San Francisco de Sales and out of the path of La Corona in the village of Concepción El Cedro, or vice versa. The National Park covers an area of 6,000 hectares (proposed) and is among the municipalities of San Vicente Pacaya, Amatitlán and Villa Canales. Offering tourist facilities to our domestic and foreign visitors.

If you have a little more time, there are other attractions for your fun. The Laguna de Calderas provides a place where you can explore, fish, paddle boat, practice canopy, camping or just relax in a natural and peaceful environment. To the south side of the Visitor Center near the village of El Patrocinio, you will find endless amounts of petrified lava, witness the many recent and past the giant eruptions, you will be able to admire the flora and fauna and enjoy wonderful views. This is where most of the rivers of lava flows during eruptions and you can go explore looking caves for hours and admiring the beautiful view of the giant cone of the volcano from the west side. If you're looking for an adventure, maybe you have found it. Visit this site for a more complete overview about the adventures that await you in the “Pacaya Volcano and Laguna de Calderas” National Park.

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