Archeological Site Ceibal



Archeological Site Ceibal

This archaeological site is located 12kms to the East of Municipal Head of Sayaxché, above the shore of La Pasión River, with an altitude of 220 meters over see level. Ceibal was the greatest classic establishment, with major power on the West margin of La Pasión River; having a very favorable regional situation as point of control and interaction in commercial and transport activities, as well as political-military.

The site occupies the highest point, located above a limestone layer that lifts about 100 meters high over see level. It is compose for a ceremonial center that covers an approximately area of 1km. square, distributed in three high hills, separated each one by great depressions, which drain towards the river. In each one of the streets are found a lot of buildings, formed as groups A, B, C and D.