A Natural Paradise



This region is characterized for its caves, its leafy forests, singular waterfalls, natural pools, and a variety of flora and fauna.

Its territory is ideal for those who like extreme sports, outdoor recreation, and communitarian tourism. From the hiking of the humid forest in the mountains; the visit to the Biotopo del Quetzal routes, in which one may participate in a photographic safari to capture the national bird, the Quetzal; the excursion to each of its extensive and long caves, among them Lanquín or Candelaria; to the practice of extreme sports like rafting in Cahabón River and Semuc Champey, one of the main attractions for its waterfalls of 40 feet high and a natural limestone bridge of great ecologic richness since more than 100 bird species have been identified. All these and more make this region one of the favorite destinations for adventure and ecotourism. It would be a unique experience inside the leafy forests with a varied fauna and flora that includes more than 800 orchid species.


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