The Quetzal Biotope

The Quetzal Biotope, Baja VerapazThe exuberant reserve jungle in the Protected Biotopo “Mario Dary Rivera” is without doubt, the most natural reason of the region. It count with more than three thousand hectares of tropical wet vegetation, that provided the habitat at the national bird of Guatemala, the Quetzal.

There are two main trails within the reserve complex, camping, resting and parking area. The center of visitors is a few meter from the main road, where you can find facilities to lodge.

Without doubts, one of the most artistic representation is from Rabinal Achí, with an etnodrama that represents the claim that the natives from XIII Century made to the Quiché governors in order to have destroyed its towns. Baja

Verapaz is known also for its agricultural diversity, especially the orange production.

The natural patrimony of Baja Verapaz consists in a range of contrasting ecosystems, between which predominate the cloudy jungles, the pine groves of slopes and the semidesert valleys of the river basin of the Motagua River.

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