Lanquín Caves

Lanquin Caves, Alta Verapaz1 km from the municipal seat of Lanquín, on the road that leads to Coban, passes over the input Lanquin Caves, one of the first declared protected areas in Guatemala. It is an enormous and beautiful complex, lounges, cupolas and capricious limestone formations which give it an extraordinary beauty, is not known where the cave ends. Some formations have names of animals and other shapes that resemble. Caves not only a tourist destination, but a place sacred to the Maya peoples, are believed to be the "heart of heaven" and that in the bowels of these caves "hides the secret of the ages." Caves Lanquin stand out for being a natural habitat for thousands of bats, which depart every evening, a natural spectacle appreciated by many tourists.

Some of the rooms and formations of interest include: The Altar of the Pillory, where Mayan ancestors performed their rites and incense and still used for that purpose, the Bridge of the fall of the King, whose name is because when King Leopold of Belgium arrived in Guatemala and Lanquín Caves in 1958, and by passing over a bridge made of sticks roízos, wood could not bear the weight of the king and those who were with him, and breaking, Leopold Belgium fell. Being rebuilt the bridge, was christened with that name.

The river emerges Lanquín the bowels of the cave (no one knows its origin though some say it begins far in another department) and is where some tourists begin a tube ride. You can rent tubes at the hospice located at the end of the course. Around the cave entrance and parking area is a small forest, where you can watch birds and other mammals. The tour is open to tourism 400m on a path lighting is provided in parts tiered cement and metal bridges. However, it is wet and slippery inside the cave, you have to walk carefully.

There is a collection booth, picnic or rest area, toilets and parking area. It is administered by the Municipality. The entrance fee is Q20 (national), Q30 (foreigners), Q10 (children), Q10 (parking). The rangers are ready to accompany visitors on their way to the cave. Site Hours: 8am to 5pm, every day of the year.

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