Candelaria Caves

Candelaria Caves Alta VerapazLocated within the Candelaria Caves National Park, the Community of Cemetery Candelaria offers breathtaking visit to two dry caves and an exciting water route, floating on tubes in an underground section of the Rio Candelaria.

Besides its importance caving * Candelaria system was a pilgrimage site of great importance to the Mayan civilization and is today a refuge for a wide variety of flora and fauna. For the lover of archeology, is reported more than 20 archaeological sites around the system and lots of pottery, which shows its importance in ancient times.

(* Caving: discipline that is responsible for studying the caves and related landscapes; also explore the activity of these natural phenomena).
In Candelaria Cemetery can visit two extraordinary caves called "Window Security" and "Dome of Bats." These caves are easily accessible and shall be able to appreciate peculiar formations, routes of ancient rivers and evidence that were used by the ancient Maya to practice their religious ceremonies. If you are more adventurous, it can embark on a wonderful and exciting water route, floating on tubes, through an underground section of the Rio Candelaria. As progress is made on the banks of the Rio, will see the vastness of the caves and spectacular views created by the entry of the sun's rays through various natural windows.

Tourism in these caves is managed by the Community through the Association Maya Q'eqchi 'Development and Tourism Candelaria Cemetery.
They provide excellent services as:

guided interpretive tours in caves
Tubing route inside caves
rental of equipment (tubes, life jackets and flashlights)
store and community pharmacy
bathroom with shower
food service
roofing parking
His impressive caves and exciting water tours Cemetery Candelaria make a destination that tourists cannot miss.

How come?
Candelaria Cemetery is located between Chisec and Raxruhá, at kilometer 309. At the edge of the road is the Visitor Center where you can park your car and pay the entrance fee. From there, access to caves requires 15 minutes to walk half an hour through the trails that demand a low to medium level of effort.
Recommended Equipment
Light and comfortable clothes
Comfortable walking shoes
water shoes for water route

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