Tikal National Park

Tikal Nacional Park in PetenTikal means “place of voices”. It is nowadays, the biggest Mayan City known and studied. The park as an extension of 576kms squared. It was declared Human Heritage patrimony, by UNESCO in 1979. Among its main temples and plazas is recommended to visit:

Major Plaza

It is the Archaeological Park of Tikal, surrounded by impressionist buildings as the Temples I and II, the North and Central Acropolis, as well as a big range of wakes and altars that talk part of the dynastic history of the Mayan Civilization in Tikal.

Temple I
Known also as Big Jaguar Temple, it was built around the 700 year of our era. Its crest reaches 45 meters high above the Major Plaza. It was built, within the generalities of the Mayan temples, above a building in pyramidal shape.

Temple II
It is known also as Masks. Close the Big Plaza by the west, with a 38mts. High. The temple was built by the governor Ah Cacao around the 700 A.C.

North Acropolis It is a religious area, within the ceremonial complex of Tikal. It is the most complete individual construction until now excavate in the Mayan area.

Central Acropolis
It is integrated by small courtyard in different levels, by large and low buildings called “palaces”. Almost all the structures visible today, dated from the latest classical period (550-900 of our era).

Temple III
It has approximately 50 meters high. It posses original lintel carve in wood. One of them describes the scene whereby it is known with the name of “Jaguar Priest Temple”. It was built during the Latest Classical, posses 55mts. High.

Temple IV
It has 70mts. High, it is the highest structure of Tikal and is denominated “Two-headed Snake Temple”. It was built around 741 of our era, by the governor. Yaxkin Caan Chac. The visitant is able to go up until the crest base and have a beautiful sight of Tikal.

Temple V
Located to the south of the Central Acropolis, with 57 meters high, the Temple V offers since its summit, one of the most spectacular panoramas of the National Park Tikal. Current excavations told us that it was built between the 550 and 650 year A.C.

Temple VI
Denominated “Inscriptions Temple” by its crest (with 12 meters high), which façade, sides and eaves, covered with sculpture.

Big Pyramid Plaza or Lost World
One of the most ancient monumental complex of the Tikal city, which constructive activity cover from the Superior Pre-classic. Its architecture, science and art, are development majority between the II before our era and IV after our era centuries. It has approximately 35 meters high and conform a complex of astronomic  commemoration.

Palacio de la Ventana (Window Palace)
It is known also as Palacio de los Murciélagos (Bats Palace). It is form by a group of  structures located to the west of Temple II. The building that gives its name to the group is partially restored and consists of a lot of interconnected rooms.

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