Petén, Adventure in the Mayan World

Petén is the biggest department of Guatemala. Its territorial extension is of 35,854 squared kilometers.

The municipality is the island of the city of Flores and it is also the starting point for different tourist attractions.

This department holds a unique historic value for its archeological richness, its fauna, and its biosphere reserve. Its numerous archeological sites make this region the most important one of the Mayan world.

Also, all the legends about one of the most amazing cultures of the world are born here. Its fascinating archeological sites are surrounded by jungle. One of such sites is Tikal, which was declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity Site by UNESCO in 1979. Besides, there may be found Yaxhá, Ceibal, Aguateca, San Bartolo and El Mirador where the biggest pyramid, for the size of its base, of the Mayan world is found. Another interesting site is Uaxactún that had an astrologic observatory in one of the most important buildings of the area. These places were the scenery of the Mayan culture development.

Flores City has an international airport called Mundo Maya, a bus terminal, and independent companies of collective transportation, express transportation, taxis, and motorcycle taxis. 

In the island of Flores it is located the lake Petén Itzá which is the second, largest lake of Guatemala. The natural park, the zoo of Petencito, and the Mirador of King Kanek are very close by.

To visit these places and the shores of the lake, there is a service of motor boats well-conditioned for tourists.

Close to Flores there is the city of Santa Elena, where the Actún Kan Caves and most of the commerce centers are located.

The region of Petén is like an archeological Mayan museum for its numerous sites from the pre-classic, classic, and post-classic periods of a great civilization found around the jungle.

Additionally, this region offers other attractions for tourists such as recreational centers in rivers, beaches, canopying, aquatic parks, natural reserves, customs, and traditions.

For its natural reserves, Petén is known as the lung of the region. It shelters hundreds of species of animals and vegetables. Such richness and forest diversity is perfect for adventure tourism, birdwatching and ecotourism.

Petén, Adventure in the Mayan World

Destinations in Petén, Adventure in the Mayan World

Tikal National Park, Petén

Tikal means “place of voices”. It is nowadays, the biggest Mayan City known and studied. The park as an extension of 576kms squared. It was declared Human Heritage patrimony, by UNESCO in 1979. Among its main temples and plazas is recommended to visit:Major PlazaIt is the Archaeological Park of Tikal, surrounded by impressionist buildings as the Temples I and II, the North and Central Acropolis, as well as a big range of wakes and altars that talk part of the dynastic history of the Mayan Civilization in Tikal.Temple IKnown also...

Yaxhá National Park, Petén

Lacustrine cities constructed on small barren islands connected to land by roads and channels, where is located the Yaxhá Lagoon. The first, located 30kms from Southwest of Tikal, it possesses plazas and acropolis that are connected by “Sacbés” (channel). The hieroglyphic inscription indicates that it was inhabited during the beginnings and final Classic. It is city of the Post-classic period that is found in one of the islands of Yaxhá Its buildings are similar to those Tulum in Yucatán, México. In these two sites we can acceded from El Remate,...

Archeological Site Río Azul, Petén

It is located in the Northeast of the Petén Department, right next to the México and Belize borders. In dry season, the journey from Tikal, by paths, takes  approximately five hours. The apogee period was the Latest Pre-classic (250b.C. to 250a.C.).Blue River was the administrative center of the region of approximately 170kms squared, with more than 500 buildings. The tallest of those has 47 meters high ...

Ixpanpajul Natural Park, Petén

Ixpanpajul is a private Natural Park with more than eleven years since its foundation recognized as an adventure touristic destination. Ixpanpajul is the perfect choice for those adventurers and lovers of nature that look forward to practice different activities where our visitors can enjoy of fresh air, adrenaline and lot of fun located in the cradle of the Mayan culture, Peten. The services you can find at Ixpanpajul are: Lodging in Family Cabins, Bungalows, Camping area, restaurant, zip line, night zip line tour, hanging bridges, horse and tractor riding, night...

Archeological Site Nakum,

It is located 25kms from Tikal the route that conduces to Yaxhá. It can be accessible just in dry season. It counts with two big building complexes that are connected by a “Sacbé” (channel). Some of the buildings possess peculiar vault and interesting wakes. Nakúm correspond to Latest Classical Period. ...

Archeological Site Ceibal, Petén

This archaeological site is located 12kms to the East of Municipal Head of Sayaxché, above the shore of La Pasión River, with an altitude of 220 meters over see level. Ceibal was the greatest classic establishment, with major power on the West margin of La Pasión River; having a very favorable regional situation as point of control and interaction in commercial and transport activities, as well as political-military. The site occupies the highest point, located above a limestone layer that lifts about 100 meters high over see level. It is compose...

Archeological Site Dos Pilas, Jutiapa

This site is located 17kms to Southwest of Municipal Head of Sayaxché, with 150mts high over see level in a forest tropical wet zone. This site was declared Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Nation in 1985, being specifically prohibited the archaeological depredation, hunt, mining explorations and to cut down trees. At the site it is possible to be arrived by two routes: aquatic and terrestrial. It does not show set out architecture, consists of at least 492 knolls oriented in axes East-West. ...

Flores island, Petén

It is the capital of the Department and has the status of City. It has a passable road at all times ranging from flowers to Santa Ana, Dolores, San Luis and Modesto Mendez, a length of 172 kilometers. Blends with the Inter-Oceanic Highway CA-9 in the place known as The Noisy, in Morales, Izabal. In the Island of Flores is also reached via the lake, and to that service boats. It also has international airstrip at Santa Elena. Among his craft is making moccasins, leather shoes that are animal skin or the place.   Among...

Archeological Site Aguateca,

This is a memorable site for specialist, in order of the lack of impressionist edifications. On the other hand for specialist and Mayan Culture studies by sculpture in its wakes, or for lovers looking for adventure, due to the aquatic route is the only route to get there. Unless the water level of the Petexbatún Lake is low in some parts of the passage to cross on foot. ...

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