Izabal, A Green Caribbean

With an original charm, rich ecosystems, and the happiness of the Garifuna culture, Izabal offers an encounter with a Caribbean of exuberant, natural beauty.

The diversity representation is greatly reflected in the green Caribbean for its rich ecosystems that are habitat for different species. Among its natural reserves are: Río Dulce, Bocas del Polochic, Punta de Manabique, and Biotopo Chocón Machacas. This region also owns Quiriguá, an archeological site declared Heritage of Humanity Site by UNESCO, where the famous “Estela E”, the biggest Mayan stela, of 10.5 meters high is found. Besides, the experience of visiting Castillo de San Felipe, built in the colonial era to avoid English pirates attacks, is offered to visitors.

The stunning Lago de Izabal, the largest in the country, the contrast among jungle, rivers and sea, and the mixture of the Garifuna and Mayan cultures make this a magic and fantastic paradise.

Izabal, A Green Caribbean

Destinations in Izabal, A Green Caribbean

Rio Dulce, Izabal

Starting at Castillo de san Felipe located at the encounter with the sea close to Livingston; you will find amazing paradise places of extraordinary beautiful. Among the hot sun from the tropics, the breeze from the sea, and the Caribbean humidity, this large territory concentrates the essence of this region. ...

Izabal Lake, Izabal

It is the largest of the country, it is surrounded by beautiful beaches: El Estor, Mariscos; Dorada Beach and an exuberant vegetation, reason why it offers to the visitant a great beauty panorama, it is a sail lake and also can formed waves of some consideration. ...

Quiriguá National Park, Izabal

Archaeological site of singular importance, declared Humanity Patrimony by UNESCO in 1979. It possesses the highest wakes of the Mayan civilization. It is located next to Puerto Barrios in the Low Valley of Motagua River. The Archaeological site of Quiriguá, consists by the following structures: El Centro Mayor, Plaza central, Juego de Pelota, la Acrópolis and shapes of animals. ...

Siete Altares, Izabal

Is a protected area and hosts a very large variety o flora and fauna of the region. You can find, among this variety: Crabs, butterflies, fish and exotic life. Hunting is strictly forbidden and pursued ...

San Felipe Castle, Izabal

It is a National History Monument, fort against the pirates that invaded the Atlantic coast of Guatemala, during the XVII and XVIII centuries. Actually is one of the tourist sites more important of the zone, it counts with guide service in its installations and form part of a hall of castles in the Atlantic coasts. ...

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