HuehuetenangoIt is located 266kms from Guatemala City. The center of activities is the central plaza, surrounded by the City Hall, the colonial church and several neo-classical buildings. In the central park there is a relief map which measures almost 30 sq. meters. It is a place of landscapes and high mountains of impressionist beautiful. The territory that currently occupies this department has been inhabited from immemorial time by a range of indigenous group of people.

San Miguel Acatán
It is found in the village of Chimbán; place of the Alcaldes Rezadores, where you can appreciate a clear expression of religious Mayan and Christian syncretism.

20kms from Huehuetenango City, is found Aguacatán, where you should visit the colonial church and the dominical plaza. It is known by excellence by its textile, as well as by the springs of the San Juan and Blanco River.

On Sundays are perfect to visit the Colotenango Plaza, where is 40kms from Huehuetenango on the Pan-American Highway addressed to the bordered with Mexico.

It worth to known its municipal building that dates from the beginnings of XX century.

In the Nentón Municipal, at northwest of Huehuetenango Department, is found the archaeological sited of Chaculá and Quen Santo. Also is located the Yalnajab or Brava Lake, with a length approximately of 5 kilometer, subtropical forest wet and impressionist visits.

San Antonio, Santa Ana and Concepción Huista
In the same zone of Nentón you can visit the Selgua, Azul and Lagartero rivers.
This can be the opportunity to visit the San Antonio and Santa Ana Huista, Concepción Huista and Jacaltenango zone. The town fully of tradition and culture are known also as the Huista.

In Huehuetenango is elaborated textile, ceramic in glass, fishing tackle and products in metal and wax.

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