The National Palace of Culture

The National Palace of CultureThis construction required a team of engineers and architects as well as several of the greatest exponents of the visual arts in Guatemala.  It is one of the great achievements of Guatemalan architecture.  The eclectic style is a mix of Guatemalan colonial architecture with French and neoclassic influence. It takes up 8,890 square meters and was built with reinforced concrete and brick, which was then covered with green artificial stone.  The construction, mandated by President Rafael Pérez de León in 1939, was finished in 1943.  Within the building, operate the main government offices and reception areas.  The National Palace also displays some of the best expressions of Guatemalan art from the 1940’s.  Visitors can admire the murals of Alfredo Gálvez Suárez; stained glass by Julio Urruela Vásquez and his colaborators; Guillermo Grajeda Mena; Dagoberto Vásquez; Roberto González Goyri; as well as the decorations of Rodolfo Galeotti Torres and Carlos Rigalt.

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