Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias

Miguel Angel Asturias Cultural Center

Miguel Angel Asturias Cultural Center


The Miguel Ángel Asturias Cultural Center in Guatemala City is a cultural complex designed by engineer and artist, Efrain Recinos. The building is located in the city’s Civic Center, and was constructed on the site once occupied by Fort San José. The complex is also known as the National Theater. 

Its shape, which emulates a boat, stands out from the surrounding buildings.  It consists of the Grand Theater (for opera) with 2,068 seats, the Chamber Theater, the Open Air Theater, small plazas, rehearsal salons, workshops and conference rooms as well as a museum of antique arms.   A variety of shows are presented in the various theaters, and the complex has also hosted international conventions.

A variety of shows are presented at the different theaters. The complex also hosts international conventions. 

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