Archeological Site of Kaminal Juyú

Archeological Site Kaminal JuyuKaminal Juyu “Hill of the Dead,” located in the capital city, is an important site because it was occupied from the pre-classic to the late classic period.  The first phase consisted of 200 mounds distributed throughout an area of approximately 5 kilometers squared. At the beginning of the classic period, Kaminal Juyu was reoccupied by groups with teotihuacan influence who controlled the commercial routes of the highlands. Today, only a few mounds have been preserved.  They contain adobe structures covered with burnt clay that supported structures of perishable materials.  The site was abandoned at the end of the classic period when the principal commercial and political centers moved to the north.

Estimated visit time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Activities: Sit tours, Mayan ceremonies (on occasion)
Facilities and Services: Ticket and information kiosk, restrooms

Recommendations:Wear clothing adequate for a humid climate and non-slip shoes, stay with your group, bring a camera and repellent, be prepared for a jungle adventure by being in good physical condition, hire local guides in Carmelita (they include drinking water, meals, mules and equipment in their tour packages)

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