What to do in Guatemala?

Guatemala offers a broad range of possibilities for those who prefer specialized tourism with world class services and cordiality like the one that distinguishes Guatemalans.

Weddings & Honeymons in Guatemala

The diversity of wedding locations or honeymoon destinations to choose from in Guatemala, will range from a romantic colonial city declared a "Cultural Heritage of Humanity Site" by UNESCO to magnificent gardens with views of a lake nominated for the New 7 Wonders of the World or views of majestic volcanoes.

There are an extensive selection of unbelievable destinations to choose from and also numerous activities to enjoy like canopy, rafting, and volcano climbing, golf, sport fishing, bird watching or hiking, 

In addition to these wonderful advantages, the best part of having a wedding or honeymoon in Guatemala is to have a more glamorous, less expensive experience. 


Cultural Tourism / Mayan Cosmovision

Guatemala, host of experiences that can be lived only in this country, is a rich country for its culture and abundant nature with attractions that invite visitors to learn about the integrative conception of an ancestral legacy. Such legacy, mystic and holistic, is able to induce the traveler to find delight in the historic, harmonic, spiritual, natural, and living components , unique in the communities of the country.

These experiences are combined with the warmth of people, who preserve the cultural and natural heritage, and share their lifestyle, work, knowledge and culture with visitors.

The tourist destinations are available for those who want to enjoy tourism that fulfills all kinds of expectations, since they provide a variety of enchanting sites to visit; for example, landscapes,  sacred Mayan temples, museums, communities, and local plazas.

Business Meetings Tourism

Guatemala offers a privileged geographic location, the best hotel rates in Central America, infrastructure, and experience for the organization of conferences, conventions and incentive trips for business tourism. The city also offers national hotels and international hotel chains of four and five stars, modern facilities, convention centers, and a space to celebrate fairs with 18,885 squared meters (104,500 squared feet).

Cruise Ship Industry

In the heart of the American Continent and with access from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Guatemala is a compulsory destination for cruise ships.  Visitors may enjoy the tourist richness of the country, like colonial cities, Mayan cities, natural beauties, and overwhelming landscapes. Not to mention the local handcrafts shops and rural communities.

The ports of Guatemala own a modern infrastructure and specialized facilities that allow the access of all types of boats. In the Atlantic Coast of Guatemala, it is located the Port Santo Tomás de Castilla, which is naturally protected from hurricanes for its geographic location. Therefore, it is a fast- growing economic industry for the country. On the other hand, Port Quetzal provides service mainly in the Pacific Coast and West Coast of the American Continent., and for its closeness to the Panama Channel to the rest of the world.

Guatemala offers a unique experience full of culture and exotic destinations for cruise ships arriving from both coasts.

Sport and adventure Tourism

For its topography, a wide variety of sports can be practiced in Guatemala. Surfing, rowing, mountain cycling, hiking, horseback riding, canopying, fishing, and golf are some of them.

The country has quickly become into one of the favorite destinations for golf players. Its pleasant weather allows the athlete to enjoy such sport during any season of the year in world class fields.

Guatemala is also well-known to be the best destination for the practice of sport fishing of the sail fish and marlin. The country keeps the best scores of liberations per day, per boat, per day, and per boat per year. It is one of the few countries that regulate such sport with the usage of circular hooks that do not harm and guarantee the conservation of the specie. Other species that can be fished are the blue marlin, black marlin, tuna, and trout. Besides, the visitor may admire hunchback whales and dolphins.

Another unique opportunity that Guatemala offers is the enjoyment of a landscape that can not be seen from the floor. Canopying is a great adventure that allows visitors to observe a variety of flora and fauna from the top of the trees. Guatemala has norms that regulate this activity.

The Pacific Coast waves are some of the best in the world to practice surfing. The water temperature is incredible during the whole year, different beaches are one hour away from the city, and the prices are accessible. These are some reasons why practicing this sport is an adventure.

The variety of rivers in Guatemala to practice rafting are of level two to five, and provide the possibility to practice the sport during most part of the year. The rivers where rafting can be practiced in the Caribbean of the country are not only spectacular for their blue water, but also for the monkeys, toucans, and guacamayas that can be seen trough the run.

Besides enjoying the possibility to practice a wide variety of sports, one can also practice them during the whole year. Guatemala is the ideal destination to practice sports!

Health and well being tourism

Guatemala is a dream destination for visitors who require a medical treatment, since it is the perfect combination of first class health services and a beautiful location. Along with the conventional medicine, Guatemala also offers centers of alternative medicine, recreational and relaxation centers. All these factors are added to the excellent spring-like weather, ideal for recovery and relaxation. The hospitality and the competitive prices are advantages that distinguish Guatemala from other destinations.  


Even though Guatemala is a small territory, it is a huge country regarding natural and cultural diversity. The country holds natural and diverse environments that go from beaches to volcanoes and from dry forests to tropical humid jungles. In these ecosystems, Guatemala reports 732 bird species from which at least 150 are native of the regions.

The country has developed five tourist routes for birdwatching. Such routes are: Center of the Highlands, Pacific-coast line, Caribbean-West, the Verapaces, and Petén which together conform a total of 42 destinations with facilities for birdwatching.   Among the bird species that stand out are: the Ocellated Turkey, the Horned Guan, the Pink-headed Warbler, the resplendent Quetzal, and the Cabanis Tanager.

Birdwatching is an important segment that contributes to the protection of the natural and cultural heritage as it motivates the formation and assistance to the protected areas and the development of communitarian tourist projects.

Spanish Schools

Guatemala is one of the favorite destinations in Latin America for learning Spanish through personalized methodology regulated by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala in different study programs.
Students that come to learn the language have also the opportunity de stay with Guatemalan families in their own home and share with them their daily life.  This increases the vocabulary learnt in class and the knowledge of the customs of the country.  

Students may also enroll in other activities to enrich their learning such as social work, cultural excursions, dance lessons, tours, cooking lessons, and sports among others.

Guatemala owns a variety of destinations for the learning of  Spanish which can be also enjoyed by experiencing the nature, the biodiversity, the ecotourism, the sun, the beaches, the volcanoes, adventure, Mayan and colonial cities, culture, traditions, and exquisite gastronomy.