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  • Petén

    Adventure in the Mayan world
  • The East

    Mystical and natural
  • Guatemala

    Modern and Colonial
  • Verapaces

    Natural Paradise
  • The Pacific Cost

    Exotic and Diverse
  • Highlands

    Living Mayan Culture

Guatemala, Heart of the Mayan World

The historic, natural, and cultural heritage of Guatemala may be discovered throughout the whole territory. The magic and mystery of the Mayan world subsist in the millenary cities such as Tikal, Yaxhá, Aguateca, and Quiriguá among others. The faces, the colorful regional costumes, and the kindness of the people from the highlands are like an echo of an impressive colonial past that may be heard in the churches and convents of Antigua Guatemala. Such resonance is also the contact with an exuberant nature which is the origin and destination of a unique biodiversity in the world.

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Guatemala, is the Heart of the Mayan World. Viva, magical, mystical and ancestral. Its history goes back four thousand years, when the Mayan civilization emerged, whose legacy continues today with the traditions and culture of the people.


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