The East, Mystical and Natural

This is one of the religious centers of most importance for its spiritual awareness and mysticism.

Sierra de las Minas is home of more than 885 species of mammals, reptiles, and birds being 20 of them endemic bird species that live in the cloud forest reserve, the most extensive of Central America.

Esquipulas is an important destination for religious meetings and its icon is the well-recognized Basilica Menor del Cristo Negro.

This region also offers trips around natural treasures like the Ipala Volcano and Lagoon and the Güija Lagoon. Its visitors are delighted with the ecologic excursions and the enjoyment of the parks and history of the Paleontology and Archeology Museum Ing. Roberto Woofolk Saravia in Estanzuela. Such museum keeps skeletons of mastodons and whales that are 50 thousand –years-old. Besides, this region possesses colonial churches and artistic treasures worthy of visiting.

The East, Mystical and Natural

Destinations in The East, Mystical and Natural

Basilica of Esquipulas, Chiquimula

An aspect that has given greater relevance to this Eastern zone, is the religious tourism, which is developed in Esquipulas Village, with its magnificent Basilica, that lodges the Black Christ image, venerated throughout four centuries by nationals and foreigners, who get in peregrination to visit it. This image was carved by the remarkable artist of the colonial period. Quirio Cataño. Esquipulas is the metropolis of concord and regional approach, where important agreements about Central American peace have been signed. ...

Paleontology Museum, Zacapa

To 6kms from Departmental Head of Zacapa, is found Estanzuela, well-known by the embroiders by hand elaborated by the women and mainly by the Paleontology, Archaeological and Geology Museum that exhibits an extraordinary collection of skeletons of prehistoric animals, a funerary room from a Mayan cemetery and among other pieces of uncounted value. ...


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