PanajachelIts whole name is San Francisco Panajachel, is a pre-Columbian town of Kakchiquel origin, settled next to the river with the same name and on the lakeside of Atitlán, its witnessed the final battle between Spaniards and their Kakchiquel allies against the Tzujiles and it also was a settlement point for the Franciscan missionaries who founded a convent.

Currently, this town is located between a large coffee plantations, gardens and vegetable orchards. It is the most important center of the area, reason why it concentrates most of the hotels,restaurants, disco clubs, recreational areas and commercial stores. It is great for doing some handicraft shopping.

West of Panajachel, at the San Buenaventura Valley historical place at  the lake basin is located a natural wildlife  reserve of 120 acres and one butterfly reserve. The forest has many traits and an organic coffee plantation.

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