Reuniones y negocios en Guatemala

Meeting Spaces

Meeting Spaces in Guatemala

Modern hotels in the capital are equipped with the installations and infrastructure necessary to accommodate congresses, conventions, conferences and private meetings amid modernity and comfort.  

Among these hotels are: Marriott, Westin Camino Real, Holiday Inn, Real Intercontinental, Grand Tikal Futura, Meliá, Viva Clarion Suite, Vista Real, Conquistador Ramada, Atlantis, Coperex, Radisson and Princess.

Additionally, there are open-air venues available such as: El Campo Marte, El Estadio del Ejército, El Estadio de la Pedrera, el Domo de la zona 13, Mateo Flores Stadium, and Hipódromo del Sur for political, cultural, religious meetings and more.  


Groups looking for meeting spaces can also rent private clubs: La Montaña, de Oficiales, Guatebanco, Alemán, Americano, etc.  Currently under construction are several new buildings with designated convention centers, which will soon allow Guatemala to offer a variety of additional services.

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