Cerrito del Carmen

Cerrito del Carmen

Cerrito del CarmenMany Catholic churches are located in zone 1 and offer an interesting sample of neoclassic architecture. The works of art of the XVI and XIX century may be admired inside. Outstanding for their sculpture and artistic works are: la Merced, located on 11th avenue and 5th street, zone 1, of the neoclassic style and home to pershaps some of the richest aLtar-pieces and colonial furniture and other assets. Capuchinas, of baroque style, is famous for its altar-pieces, carved figures and paintings. It is located at 10th avenue and 10th street in zone 1. San Francisco is the church where the image of the Virgin of Conception is venerated and commemorated on December 8. It is an Italian neo-classic building and famous for its main altar and the image of Christ. Santo Domingo is a Basilica and is dedicated to the Virgin of the Rosary, venerated during the month of October.

The church has paintings by famous Zurbaran among its treasures. It is located at number 10-09 of 12th avenue in zone 1. The Cerrito del Carmen Church is considered a historic jewel because it was the first church built in the Errnita Valley, in 1620. Its aLtar-piece, dedicated to the. Virgen Del Carmen, is famous. The entire hilt where the church rises is being refurbished.

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